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We aim to be a part of all horses and dogs regular care routine and overall health program to improve well-being, welfare, health and performance.  Working  in conjunction with conventional health care we are completely focussed on helping you to get the best from your animal by offering a range of services all individually tailored to your animals’ specific needs at a competitive affordable price, to make it accessible for all owners not just the elite.  Our goals are to ease pain, strain, tension, investigate poor performance, prevent injury, and to give competition guidance improving performance and recovery.

Services, therapies and techniques include McTimoney, body work, sports massage, spinal therapy, stretching, physical therapy, musculoskeletal manipulation, adjustments, kinesio taping, stress point therapy, natural horsemanship, riding, hot and cold therapy, magnetic field therapy, schooling, training, rehabilitation, coaching, consultancy and education.

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About Cheshire Equine Therapy



Cheshire Equine Therapy was formed in 2009 by Michelle Woolrich (nee Cheers). Michelle has a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science from the University of the West of England Hartpury College, which was where she also began her BHS training. She is a qualified Equine Body Worker (EEBW), and has a diploma in McTimoney animal manipulation, spinal therapy, and is a kinesio taping equine KT2 practitioner.

She is committed to continuing her professional development to broaden her knowledge to be able to effectively educate others with the most relevant up to date information, research and insights, and to be able to offer a wider range of treatments and therapies to her clients for the benefit of their animals.

Being qualified and highly experienced in a range of therapies enables her to tailor treatments specifically to your animal for greater benefit and improved outcome. She uses a range of manipulation and adjustment techniques, sports massage techniques, bodywork, natural horsemanship, riding and training techniques, active and passive exercises and stretching, magnotherapy, pressure point therapy, kinaesthetic taping and accupressure.

Michelle is a UKCC level 2 coach accredited by the BEF and ABRS, has BTEC level 4 in FE teaching and leaning, is first aid and child safeguarding trained, with enhanced CRB disclosure, and is a BHS registered instructor.

In 2012 Michelle decided she wanted to transfer her equine skills for the benefit of other animals, so she trained in animal anatomy and physiology too.  The other animals that she mainly treats are dogs and cats, but she has also had excellent results on other species such as bulls, goats, and donkey’s.