Rehabilitation & Training

All training & rehabilitation can be carried out via 3 methods:


We provide an individually tailored rehabilitation/training program that you carry out under our guidance with regular checks on progress to modify the plan and goals, to give treatments, provide support etc.


We carry out the entire rehab/training process for you with the horse staying at its current stables, with you taking care of it as normal, and we come in on a daily basis to carry out the rehab/training program.

From our base we carry out the entire rehab/training process at our inpatient care facility.


The variety of work undertaken includes:

    • Rehabilitation – following injury, illness or surgery animals need time to recover, recuperate and to be brought back into a training regime gradually to reduce the risk of relapse and give the animal the best possible chance of full recovery. 3Using a combination of our musculoskeletal treatments combined with natural horsemanship techniques, and a gradually increasing exercise plan the animal is built up to it’s optimum athletic level. We aim to reinstate normal function by reducing pain, restoring range of motion and restoring strength by improving circulation, reducing oedema, loosening and stretching tendons, and minimising scar tissue formation. By doing it in this careful and structured way we aim to decrease re-injury rates and increase longevity. Tailored programmes are designed to suit the horses individual circumstances working in close relationship with your vet, farrier, any other members of your team and with any other therapeutic modalities.  Sometimes rehabilitation will be paid for by your insurance company following operations such as over-riding dorsal spinous process surgery (kissing spines), check your policy and with your under writter for more info
    • Breaking and Backing – starting your horse off the right way, progressively building up the basics
    • Schooling – for horses that have the basics in place but just need refining, bringing together, conditioning or intensive work to get them to the level required
    • Re-schooling/Re-educating – quite often buying a horse comes from the heart not the head. We see a horse and fall in love with it. We don’t care that we wanted a jumper and this horse has never jumped before in its life, or wanted a happy hacker and the horse you bought has never seen a road, or the other common re-education prospect we encounter regularly is ex-racehorses to event/jump/dressage.1


  • Riding sessions – If you just need some one to ride and train your horse for you due to personal circumstances such as busy work schedules, holidays, rider injury or illness, pregnancy, other horses to ride, etc. This can be on a short term basis, such as just for a week while you are on holiday, or on a longer term basis, such as providing an extra training session for your horse once every week.
  • Competition riding – Want your horse to compete but you don’t want to or can’t? We can compete for you; dressage up to medium level, BSJA up to Foxhunter level, BE up to Intermediate, local and county showing in hand and ridden classes. We can also help you prep for competitions, planning your competition season, training, transport, grooms, entries, etc.