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Assessment for sale/purchase


When you feel you have found a horse you would like to buy, let us come and take a look at it with you, as a lot people buy horses with their hearts not their head and sometimes wish they had made a different decision further down the line. We will do a thorough musculoskeletal assessment of the horse, conformation, palpation, gait, ridden assessment and also a thorough assessment of your needs, your current goals and aspirations for this horse.

We are then able to determine horse suitability for you and your present needs and to give you an insight of any issues, and any future training needs, then you know exactly what you are getting. More owners are also wanting this assessment on their own horse before they sell it to show to prospective buyers, to demonstrate their horses’ current physical / behavioural state, any issues they have and that you have been carrying out recommendations to improve them and suggest that they continue with them after sale. It gives buyers confidence in you, your horse and your pricing. Some sellers put in their advertisement horse has been fully assessed by Cheshire Equine Therapy the results of which can be seen on request.

PLEASE NOTE: Even with this assessment, a thorough 5 stage vetting by your own veterinarian is highly recommended as they are looking at different criteria to what we are investigating.