• Please understand that our treatments are never a replacement for proper veterinary care. The practitioner is not a veterinarian and will not diagnose conditions, perform surgery, prescribe medications or neutraceuticals for your animal.
  • If you see your practitioner carry out a technique and think that looks easy I will give that a go, PLEASE DO NOT UNLESS THE PRACTITIONER HAS SPECIFICALLY SHOWN YOU EXACTLY HOW TO CARRY IT OUT. As even though it may appear ‘easy’ these are very intricate and precise manoeuvres, it is possible to hurt the horse and damage the underlying structures and tissues if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

Contraindications to Treatment

On the day of your appointment if your animal shows any of the issues below, treatment may not be advised, if possible please inform us as early as possible.

  • Abnormal heat or swelling
  • Skin lesions
  • Bacterial or viral infections
  • Lethargic/lack of appetite/dehydrated
  • Elevated TPR (temperature, pulse respiration)
  • Weight bearing lame, or has significant injury less than 7 days old
  • Acute azoturia


Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act , 1966, referral from your own vet is necessary for before the first treatment to ensure it is appropriate for the animal at this time. The vet does not usually want to see the animal this can normally be a discussion between you and you vet on the phone. Advise them that you wish for your animal to be treated by us and give them our contact details, they can then refer by which ever method they prefer, email or phone or by clicking on the Vet referral button below. To authorise treatments on any animal you must be the owner/have permission from the owner and the vet to do so.

Vet Referral


If there is an emergency, such as your animal has an accident, do not contact your practitioner for emergency treatment, even if you suspect the issue is musculoskeletal. We are not veterinarian’s and can NEVER replace conventional veterinary care. However, we do have an active interest in all clients, so if your animal does become injured please feel free to call to discuss and keep us updated with the veterinarians diagnosis, prognosis, treatment course etc. but please understand that we can not advise or get involved with out the permission of the vet.