Everything Horse UK Magazine

I have been writing some useful articles for a very popular equestrian magazine that you might be interested in, Everything Horse UK.  Every month there is a wide range of great articles, such a good read.  I had a few published in the July, August and September 2014 issues on my top 10 tips for keeping your horse in tip top condition, stress and the competition horse, and recognising signs that your horse has a musculoskeletal problem.  I have just started writing a series of articles for them the first of which has just been published in the November issue on musculoskeletal injuries, looking into the main types of musculoskeletal injuries that can occur in our horses; tendon injuries (November issue), muscle injuries (December issue), bone injuries (January issue), and ligament injuries (February issue). This will hopefully help owners understand how these types of injury occurs, how they heal, how they are treated and rehabilitated, and how they can be avoided.  I think this is really important as pain due to musculoskeletal injury is the most common cause of performance loss in horses. Most cases will initially present as a behavioural problem or a performance/training issue, and early diagnosis and treatment will improve the long term outcome.  This is a printed magazine and an online magazine, so if you have missed any of my previous articles and would like to catch up you can do on line at www.everythinghorseuk.co.uk.  You can also sign up to subscribe to receive future issues of Everything Horse UK magazine in your inbox, so you never miss an issue, and even better is that it is all free, both the printed version and the online version.  Happy reading!!


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