**Horse & Rider Camp 14th – 16th August 2015**

Fancy an intense weekend camp workshop for horse and rider? In association with Kirsty Edwards from Fit2Ride – specialised personal training for horse riders we a re running a summer camp workshop for horse and rider.  Will include group Equipilates, painted horse demo, back/core and saddle check and learning how to do this for yourselves, individual mounted pilates sessions, learning stretches and massage techniques for your horse, mobility, breath and relaxation for the rider, individual postural assessment, private mounted pole work lessons, ground work with your horse, plus handouts to take home so you can continue the good work back at home.  14 – 16th August in Nantwich, Cheshire. £200 per person which also includes stables &/or grazing, BBQ, breakfast and lunch, accommodation is in your own lorry or you can sleep in the studio, camp in tents or accommodation in local Nantwich town is 5 mins away (not included in the price!).  Contact me or Fit2Ride for availability and booking, hope to see you there 🙂

Clinic’s, lecture’s, talk’s, demo’s – Spring/Summer 2015

Want to get your horses’ back & musculoskeletal system checked, but want to keep the costs as low as possible?

Want to get your horse to their peak physical health & increase their longevity,

but not sure where to start or if you are doing the right thing?

Do you want to learn:

  • How to assess your horse to pick up any areas of problems
  • How to assess your tack and saddle fit
  • What you can do to help?
  • Learn some massage, stretching, riding and training techniques
  • Learn how physical therapy can help?
  • Learn more about the do’s and don’ts from a musculoskeletal point of view

Why not organise a clinic, demo, talk or lecture at your livery yard, riding school, pony club, place of work?

For little cost, this could make a big difference to your horse.

  • As the organiser, your horse can be used as the demo horse, so gets some treatments and assessments done free on this day, but also gets their next session half price.
  • Anyone attending who makes a booking on the day will receive a 10% discount
  • We provide poster for you to advertise, and tickets if required.
  • You don’t need any special facilities (although a well lit indoor space would be useful in case of bad weather – indoor barn, school, or large stable etc.)
  • Cost: all I ask is that my travel fees are covered (this can be worked out when organising) and that everyone attending makes a minimum contribution of £2 which will be donated to an equine charity
  • Contact today to book in, first come first served, once all available dates for 2015 spring/summer are gone, bookings will be taken for 2016.

Contact Michelle for more information

Price Freeze For 2015

If you have one of our 2014 price list cards, keep hold of it as prices are being frozen for 2015. A full price list of all our services and special offers can be found on the prices page http://animaltherapyuk.com/price-list/ if there is anything not listed feel free to contact us for a quote

Making Cheshire Equine Therapy Even Better!

Over the last couple of months I have done some great CPD courses to further improve and expand on the therapies and treatments that we already offer, to be able to give animals a better all round holistic treatment encouraging optimal performance and health.

The first one I did was t-touch, which is an effective method of activating the function of the cells by opening the neural pathways, using a combination of specific touches, lifts, and movement exercises helping to release tension and increase body awareness.

The next one I did was advanced stretching and mobilisation which as an already big fan of the enormous benefits of stretching for loosening tight tissue, mobilising joints and easing away adhesions, I was really looking forwards to this one.  Although most of these moves I was already doing it was good to be reminded of a few that I perhaps don’t use as much that can be really useful, or using others in a different way for a different effect.

The last one that I have just done, that I have been really impressed with is myofascial release.  Mind bogglingly effective for physical and some psychological issues, even though it may appear as though you are not doing much the results can be very dramatic.  Fascia is interconnected through the entire body, due to stress (physical & emotional) water is pushed out of it leaving it hard and gel like.  This causes it to shorten and compress the capillaries and nerves causing ischemia, pain and imbalance, which can have far reaching effects over the entire body.  The release techniques cause the collagen fibres to reorganise, allowing more hydration of the tissues and force the adhesions to release, which at the same time can cause a big emotional release and unwinding too.

Where required I have been integrating what I have learned in all these cpd courses, putting them into the treatments I have been doing recently, and getting some great results! For more information or to discuss your animal feel free to give me a call.

Welcome to the new Cheshire Equine Therapy website

We aim to be a part of all horses’ and dogs’ overall health program to improve well-being, welfare, health and297 performance. We are completely focussed on helping you to get the best from your animal by offering a range of services all individually tailored to your animals’ specific needs at competitive prices, making it available for not only the elite athletic animals but for all horse and dog owners as part of their regular care routine. Services, therapies and techniques include McTimoney, body work, sports massage, spinal therapy, stretching, physical therapy, musculoskeletal manipulation & adjustments to realign sub-luxations, kinesio taping, stress point therapy, natural horsemanship, riding, hot and cold therapy, magnetic field therapy, schooling, training, rehabilitation, coaching, and education. Check out the rest of the website for more information, if there is anything you can’t find or would like more information on please feel free to contact us.

We cover all areas of Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, West Midlands, South Lancashire, Derbyshire, North Wales, South & West Yorkshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester. You can find us on facebook and twitter or keep a check on this blog, to keep up to date with new services, special offers, where to find us, which shows and events we will be at, etc. We will be writing monthly articles on subjects of interest on this blog, and we are hoping to open an online store very soon for all of your animals alternative therapy needs, keep an eye on the site for more details.