Welcome to the Cheshire Equine Therapy Shop


I am proud to be able to supply you with natural, therapeutic, training and performance related products that I find really make a difference to the work I do and to your horses.  These are products that I have used, tried and tested myself, like them, find them good quality, and in most instances have scientific research driven backing that they actually work and help your horses health, welfare and well-being.  As an equine scientist and physical therapist my background is looking at the science, research, evidence, however a lot of therapeutic products just don’t have this backing behind them as big pharma want us to buy drugs and medications rather than natural therapeutic options.  Such as magnetic therapy, there is not much research regarding this therapeutic modality but there is a century’s worth of anecdotal evidence and me being a bit of a new age hippy at heart let that side of me over rule some of the scientist in me which is why I recommend these products. 

Below some of the brands that I stock, if you are looking for a particular product contact me and I can send you a price and arrange delivery etc. Free delivery within 10miles of Nantwich or if I’m coming to your yard to treat horses I can just fetch your items with me.