How to carry out post exercise stretches

This is video is aimed at every horse owner, it gives you some basic stretches that I would recommend carrying out after ever exercise session to improve your horses over all musculoskeletal health. ย Stretching helps to mobilise the joints, release tension, loosen tight tissues, improve circulation, and ease adhesions, as well as improving the overall strength tone and flexibility of the muscles and tendons. ย There are a few important points to consider first:

  • Never stretch a cold horse, warm the muscles up first through exercise, solarium, massage etc.
  • Don’t put yourself at risk both with lifting (think of your posture – knees bent back straight) but also ensure the horse knows where you are
  • Don’t push the horse to far to fast ย – take it slowly, wait until they relax, never push them out of their comfortable range. ย When you first start they may not be able to reach very far but every day they will stretch a little further
  • If you are unsure of anything please ask me – in person, phone or email


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